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Break the Silence PSA Contest


Welcome to the PSA Contest Viewing Party! First, let me say this – the competition for our 1st Annual Break the Silence PSA Contest was tremendous! Each video submitted truly brings us one step closer to ending sexual violence. So, thank you all for your participation and support.

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff -- It’s time for the countdown!


Coming in a #5 is the only SchoolTube video to make the countdown and one of the earliest entries into the contest. Angela Shelton said, “This was so great and made me tear up.” Two amazing young ladies from San Antonio, TX bring us, “A Game of Scrabble.”

Next up, at # 4, is an entry from Rochester, NY. Sgt. David Tripp stated that the video, “certainly focuses on the teen and party environment.” This video is high on the relevancy meter because it shows a very realistic situation and has a clear message, “It IS Your Business!”


At #3, the three-man team at HiHiHiya Productions put together an excellent entry that features, as Mike Domitrz described it, “Very cool cinematography.” The look and feel of this video help lend to its powerful message, “Don’t Be  a Bystander.”

# 2 on our video countdown comes from the University of Minnesota Duluth. Kudos for not only encouraging bystander intervention but also modeling it. Getting involved doesn’t have to be dangerous or confrontational but it does require being mindful of what’s happening around you. Mike Domitrz had this to say, “Great example and use of the word ‘Suspicious’ - which is important in teaching Bystander Intervention.” I’m sure this video will help persuade others to “Please Intervene.”

As you can see, the entries for this contest were exceptional! If I had it my way, I’d award a prize to each video in the Top 5, because there are elements that I love about every one of them. I want to thank you all again for your hard work!

Now, it’s time for the #1 video on our countdown. Here are a few comments that the judges shared with me concerning this video.

“Creativity is outstanding.  The message is strong and to the point.  While at first I thought it was too ‘fun looking,’ it worked as it went along!  Nice job.” – Mike Domitrz  

“This is such a clever way to get people to pay attention.  Great job.” – Angela Shelton

This video was uploaded to YouTube before the original contest deadline. I happened upon it after extending the deadline and suggested it compete in our PSA Contest. That’s when I saw this comment, “Believe it or not, we actually did do this short for the ‘Break the Silence’ contest! Then they delayed the deadline by a month, and I'm like, ‘Argh, we worked on this 20 hours a day for weeks, when I could have been sleeping!’ :-)”  LOL! Sorry about that. I hope there are no hard feelings because you’re the winner of the Break the Silence PSA Contest!

What a ride this has been and it’s not over yet! Every video in the Top 5 has been submitted to CALCASA for the opportunity to be shown at the 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference in September. The video below will give you an idea of what will be showcased at the event.



 Watch this space for more information about future events including, of course, the 2nd Annual Break the Silence PSA Contest.

Have a spectacular Memorial Day weekend, be safe, and remember to be an active bystander! 

Thank You to Our Celebrity Judges

Mike Domitrz

Mike Domitrz, founder of The Date Safe Project Inc and author of May I Kiss You? and Help! My Teen is Dating, is a widely-acclaimed speaker for schools and communities on the topics of dating and sexual intimacy decisions, consent, respect, bystander intervention, and sexual assault. His one-man-show titled "Can I Kiss You?" is a catalyst for social change in middle schools, high schools, and colleges throughout the country. For all scheduling and/or booking of programs, call 800-329-9390. To learn more, visit





Angela Shelton 


Angela Shelton, whose work includes the powerful award-winning film Searching for Angela Shelton, has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, NPR, Lifetime Television for Women, and the cover of the New York Times. Her work has inspired courage and healing for those who suffer sexual and domestic abuse. Her newest project, entitled Hawk Dances, spotlights the crusade of non-profit group Bikers Against Child Abuse. To bring Angela to your community, contact


Jeffrey Bucholtz

Jeffrey Bucholtz, director of We End Violence, engages audiences with humorous presentations that discuss our culture’s response to rape. He critically examines the role women are expected to play as the sole preventers of sexual violence and the impact men can have when they actively question male stereotypes. Jeff approaches his topics with an honesty and enthusiasm that help capture audiences. To request an estimate or schedule a presentation please e-mail


Sergeant David W. Tripp

Sgt. David W. Tripp has been with the Maine State Police for 13 years. Sgt. Tripp began his career in Troop D, worked in the Criminal Division four years and currently is a Sergeant in Troop D Thomaston. Sgt. Tripp has extensive training and investigative time regarding sexual assaults. Sgt. Tripp has served with the Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Center for ten years and currently holds the position of Vice Chair on the Board of Directors.